2016 Market Outlook & Investment Oppotunities 

 Acquire Unfair Advantages to Kick Start 2016 with Opportunities Not Accessible to Ordinary Investors.

What's covered in the FREE Investment Seminar?

Invited Expert Speakers to share with you their views on 2016 Market & Property Outlook. If you are looking for good investment opportunities and want to hear from experts on their investment experiences and how they invest in exclusive investments normal retail investors would not even know about.

2016 Market Outlook

Understand and Get Prepared

Wealth Generation 

Planning and developing a system for wealth Generation

Myanmar Property Outlook

Myanmar, Asia's Final Frontier Markets, How You Can Benefit From It

Cambodia Property Outlook

Is this another property bubble? Understand what to avoid in the overwhelming market.

Understand how Asset-Less Companies Can Change The Entire Market 

Discover why Uber, AirBNB, Alibaba, Facebook and many other asset-less companies are going to impact the stock markets in 2016? Why you need to stay cautious for 2016?

Understand Why You Need to Generate Enough Wealth for Retirement

Sharing with you how he started his journey from working in an MNC to building his own businesses and creating a system of investments in various businesses and properties. Discover how you can start building multiple sources of passive income for retirement.

How to Profit As Co-Developer with Returns as High as 50% - 60% in less than 27 months, in Asia's Most Lucrative Emerging Markets

Why only consider buying units if the market conditions are aligned. You can also benefit right from the onset of the development phase of the project, before the project TOP. 

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Geollion Holdings is one of the most successful Developers from Singapore that has focused on the Indo-China property markets as early as 2012. With proven track records in Asia, they provide investors with a chance to participate together with them and avoid the common barriers and obstructions they might face, reducing risks and improving ROI. 

Be a Developer in Asia's Emerging Markets, Earning As High As 50% - 60% in 2 Year with Reputable Singapore Developer

How You Can Tap on Myanmar, Yangon City's Property Surge?

How Can You Benefit from Cambodia, Phnom Penh City's Property Boom and avoid the forming of Property bubbles?



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